Third-Party 3PL Logistics, Warehousing & Fulfillment

Third party logisticsHealthLink operates under one unified ISO 13485 Certified Quality Management System applicable for all of our 100% medical facilities. We have two facilities in the Netherlands and two in North America. One in Raleigh, North Carolina and a centralized distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee situated close to the FedEx Integrator hub. We have late cut off times and can be anywhere in the country overnight.

We also manage multiple strategic stock locations worldwide, allowing us to provide our clients with a global solution to their Customer Care and Logistic needs. All of our facilities and strategic stock locations operate with the same Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Our capabilities include:

  • Product traceability
  • Lot, serial number & batch control
  • Barcoding & RF barcode scanning
  • Online inventory & status visibility
  • 100% dedicated to medical devices
  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Re-Labeling
  • Re-Packaging
  • Dedicated quarantine process 
  • Expiration dates (FIFO/FEFO)
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Humidity controlled environment
  • 24/7 Monitoring system with alerts and back up generator
  • Notifications for excursions
  • Ambient Space (15-25°C)
  • Cold Storage
  • Dedicated fridge/freezers
  • Product traceability
  • Pallet storage
  • Disaster recovery plans for all facilities
  • LSS Greenbelt certified personnel

Temperature and Humidity controlled environment:

Our existing temperature and humidity-controlled loggers’ focus on quality and product integrity monitoring, guaranteed 24/7 in real time.

  • Inbound/outbound transport management
    • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) to receive into inventory
    • 24-hour turn time from product receipt to stock
    • All items are barcoded and scanned for 100% track and traceability of serial, lot, batch and expiry numbers
  • WMS linked to major carriers
    • Reverse logistics
    • Dedicated transport such as direct courier deliveries
  • Inbound/outbound clearance of goods & documentation
    • Custom customer packing slips with customer PO number
  • Inventory Management
    • Daily matching reports with reconciliation
    • Cycle count program
    • 100 % Physical inventory count per month as required
  • Cold Pack/Dry ice shipment
  • Recall services
  • Freight documentation (ASN, B/L, Proforma, EX1/EUR1, pack list etc.)
  • Customs Management
  • Temperature controlled logistics
  • Internal systems in place to ensure that the correct lot# and serial number are always shipped correctly
  • KPI reporting

  • Tracking and tracing of shipments
    • All items are scanned with smart scanners to ensure accuracy when fulfilling orders
    • Capture of lot number for all products
    • Serial numbers for receivers and transmitters
    • Custom customer packing slip, including customer PO# and customer logo

  • After receipt of the ASN our warehouse will receive products and validate ASN with physical receipt of goods.
  • Inbound processing : Validating individual product boxes against ASN. This activity includes barcode scanning of SKU, LOT, BATCH, SN and or UDI.
  • Inbound unreleased: 4 eyes principle utilizing 2nd warehouse operator for validation before put away process to designated warehouse location .

Inbound put away process. Scan applicable items to a designated warehouse location:

  1. Commercial inventory
  2. Quarantine and or sterile hold
  3. ICQ area (see appendix -I floor plan DB2 for potential ICQ areas)
  4. Kitting area


Checking item in

Our existing temperature and humidity-controlled loggers’ focus on quality and product integrity monitoring, guaranteed 24/7 in real time.

Dyzle's traffic light method

HealthLink’s 100% medical device warehouse locations are all ambient controlled environments with specific temperature control rooms and additional space to add temperature control areas.

  • Temperature controlled environment (15-25C or 59-77F) 
  • Scalability temperature controlled environment (15-25C or 59-77F)

All packaging and shipping activities will be managed via our customers’ specific warehouse instructions which are maintained and controlled through our ISO 1345 Quality Management System (QMS).

  • Full electronic outbound order picking.
  • Pick verification with LOT, BATCH, SN and or UDI traceability.
  • Packaging and ship instructions according to our customers’ specific requirements.
  • Allocate transport via select carrier program (best price, best quality).
  • Complete order and move to export area.

HealthLink Employees

We understand the crucial element of process control and having a trusted partner that can provide full transparency of stock accuracy and LOT, BATCH, SN and or UDI traceability. HealthLink provides the following:

  • 24/7 visibility and traceability of inventory and operational data
  • Customized reporting

Our cycle count procedure is designed to maintain and accomplish the necessary KPI’s to provide state of the art logistics services to our customers.

  • Example of inventory accuracy KPI

Inventory Accuracy Chart

HealthLink operates a fully integrated transport management system that is connected to all the major carriers. We also utilize more specialized carriers for direct courier deliveries or temperature controlled requirements, including international shipments (full and half size containers).

Real time on line visibility is available for tracking, tracing and delivery of every order monitored from our Control Tower:

HealthLink Transportation

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