Finance & Administration

Streamline operations with in-country Finance and Administration

HealthLink Europe offers customers the optimal means to conduct their financial activities in Europe. Our depth of fiscal experience meets the rigorous requirements of both public and privately held companies in the US.

Our understanding of complex local laws and taxes – including VAT transactions and government regulations – minimizes your company’s exposure to taxes and helps you avoid mistakes that could have long-term negative impact.

Payroll and pensions can be complicated for companies with employees in the variety of European countries. From our Netherlands headquarters, we can centrally coordinate your payroll and pension issues across all the countries you serve.

We take your fiscal representation very seriously and offer a broad range of scalable services

From non-resident bank accounts to credit management and financial reporting – all financial programs are designed to maximize your company’s performance and limit risk.

Same time-zone administration clarifies communications between you and your customers. HealthLink Europe’s web portal offers you coordinated financial, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable reports, all completely accessible to you on a 24-hour basis.

HealthLink Europe’s Finance & Administration Services provide

  • Fiscal representation
  • VAT management
  • Tax advice & management
  • Cash & credit management
  • Payroll handling per country
  • Pension advice & handling
  • Bank account set-up & management
  • Customs management
  • Accounts receivable reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Quarterly & annual fiscal reporting

Learn how our rigorous finance and administration practices can strengthen your European business operations. Contact us today!

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